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10. Know how to tie a Tie

For some ties are uncomfortable and serve no useful purpose. In some places, the use of colored and patterned neckties indicating the wearer's membership in a club, military regiment, school. There is a theory that it is a phallic symbol. Whatever said and done, In the modern workwear almost all of us are required to wear a tie atleast for a couple of occasions in our professional life. Being comfortable in wearing a tie is one of the basic skills a man should have.

9. Know how to be good at some kinda Sport

If there is one thing that defines manliness, that is competitiveness. What is a better way to demonstrate friendly competition that a sport.  It doesn't mean that someone has to be good in a physically demanding sport. Any competitive sport will do.   Mastering some sport be it cricket, tennis, table tennis, chess or even card game allows you to be demonstrate your competitive drive.

8. Know how to perform first aid

First aid is highly underrated. But being there for a stranger in a life & death moment and rescuing him/her is the ultimate manly moment in a man's life.   Some organizations offer classes, even free classes. There are some basic techniques like   Airway management,  Cardiopulmonary resuscitationEmergency bleeding control which can be easy to learn and are very valuable when used. If you have kids there are kinda mandatory.

7. Know how to throw a punch

A man is not a man when he gives in when the situation calls for a punch in the face. Knowing how to deliver a punch is essential. Avoiding fist fight is better. But life is messy anyway. So go online and read how to throw a basic punch. Askmen gives a good advice.

6. Know how to not show emotions

Captain cool, Cool dude, ice cool - coolness quotient is one of the most attractive features in a man. Everyone goes through emotions quite often. One of the most manly things is to be cool. To quote from a Tamil movie Kurudhipunal, "the brave one is the one who doesn't show his fear". Personally some of my favorite men (Dhoni, Steve Waugh, Rajinikant) have an aura of coolness about them.

5. Know how to crack a joke

Surprisingly, the most masculine trait is humor. That explains why we don't have as many female comedians. A bit of humor can relax even some of the most tense situations. It is also directly related to the know how#6.

4. Know how to touch a woman

We now enter the forbidden zone. I firmly believe that every man should be good at their touch with a woman. Knowing when to caress, when to hold tight, when to hug, when to push are all the things that I believe are mandatory. No need to be a Kamasutra guru but having basic knowledge of female anatomy helps a long way.

3. Know how to cook

Again another paradox. Cooking, surprisingly is an alpha-male behavior. Look around, how many celeb chefs are female. The only female cooks we love are our mothers. Every other good cook that I know are men. Knowing how to cook gives you so much mileage with women. 

2. Know how to take care of children

Child rearing still remains in the female zone. But knowing how to take care of children like changing diapers,  comforting them when they cry, making them sleep has sooooo much appeal with women. It is much more satisfying experience as well.

1. Know how to converse

Probably the most important know how a man must have. Conversations are the bed rock of social life. We are all social animals. We all know that a good conversationalist ends up with the best girls around. Introducing ourselves when necessary, asking open ended questions, keeping the internal monologue under control, maintaining control on the conversational transactions are some things that are worth learning and practicing. 

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